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About Pioneer Steel Buildings

Pioneer Steel buildings are unique from the competition in that Pioneer Steel is the only manufacturer who offers double-lap construction along with both 18 and 24 inch roof and side wall panel designs.

Other standard features include, single-radius, trussless, clear span construction, with steep sidewall clearances. That makes our buildings economical and strong.


About Pioneer Steel Buildings


Pioneer Steel Manufacturers Ltd. A name that is today synonymous with clear span, trussless, self-supporting arch style steel buildings. Pioneer Steel is a leading edge manufacturer and worldwide exporter of dependable, steel building solutions.

Since 1980, our premium quality, preengineered steel buildings have been in use for a wide range of agricultural, industrial, commercial, residential and recreational applications. Specialized in-house engineering facilities and our years of experience and expertise enable us to successfully design and create steel buildings for virtually any application quickly, efficiently and cost-effectively.

Have a space and an idea? Let's talk Pioneer Steel. Let's get to building….

Whether you want that free standing garage, that do-it-yourself woodwork shop in your yard, or are looking to build new farm storage facilities or large industrial warehousing—think steel. Think Pioneer Steel.

Made from super-tough Galvalume Plus™ steel manufactured by ArcelorMittal Dofasco, Pioneer prefabricated steel buildings are rugged and durable.

Pioneer's clear span, no trusses, no beams, no posts designs are today's leading edge steel building solution. You'll get 100% usable space that's affordable, eco-friendly, easy to install, maintenance-free, weather and storm-resistant and, above all, long-lasting.

The Pioneer Steel Advantage

Our Customers Say...

 I researched steel buildings for use in a residential garage for my home in Toronto Ontario, because rodents and raccoons were destroying my old wooden Garage. I decided to purchase a steel building from Pioneer Steel Building in the Greater Toronto area. I found Pioneer Steel Building to be direct in marketing and fair in pricing, they gave me time to make my own decision and did not use high pressure tactics to make a sale. On the manufacturing side, in my opinion the building components are of superior design. From the first meeting with the staff at Pioneer Steel Building to the final phases of construction I found them always willing to help and provide support. I am Very Happy with my Pioneer Steel Building.
Walt M., Toronto Ontario

 I am a small contractor in British Columbia who has completed constructing a Pioneer Steel building. Having had previous construction experience, I can tell you that your product is a very good one — user friendly, in today's lingo. The aforementioned building was erected on time and within budget. I will recommend Pioneer Steel buildings to anyone considering a sound, affordable building.
Henk Verhoef, British Columbia, Canada

 I am extremely satisfied with my Pioneer building. It is of good quality and is ideal for storage due to the clear span interior. I found the service from Pioneer to be more than satisfactory. The people were wonderful to deal with.
Andy Brant, Omega Electric
Ontario, Canada

 Guam was hit by super typhoon Paka… When it was over, my house sustained $40,000 worth of damage and my Pioneer Steel building, $0. The building escaped totally unscathed. My neighbor saw that it was able to withstand the winds and bought a building for himself.
David M. Hazel, typhoon survivor

 I am the proud owner of a Pioneer building. I put up my 40’x40’ building in three days with the help of my family and some friends. I am very happy with my building.
Douglas Blanchard, Louisiana

 I put my 30’x40’ building up myself with the help of some friends. The clear span construction is a real benefit. I really think this is the building of the future.
Joe DiMartino, Maryland.

Our Team

Throughout our years of operation, Pioneer Steel has never wavered from our commitment to providing the highest quality products and the most reputable service in the industry.

Pioneer Steel takes great pride in their reputation for providing steel building solutions for residential and commercial applications across North America and worldwide.

Our ownership, senior executives, engineers, management, and senior factory personnel, are proud to have well over 200 years of collective experience and expertise in the manufacture, design and distribution of arch style steel buildings.

You can be confident that Pioneer's experienced team of professionals will help you through the process of your building purchase and construction and answer all your questions.

You can count on us to know our business!

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Our Product

Every Pioneer building is made from uncompromising, 100% AZ180 (AZ60) Galvalume Plus™ steel. Each Galvalume Plus steel sheet has a unique zinc-aluminum alloy that offers the best of both worlds – corrosion resistance and heat reflectivity. Pioneer Steel's Galvalume Plus steel sheet has outperformed industry standards for over 28 years - making every Pioneer building a rock solid investment.

Pioneer offers the most extensive range of designs and models available today. From the more traditional quonset style building to our straight sided peaked roof buildings, Pioneer Steel offers an extensive range of high quality designs and models to choose from.

Well suited for a large variety of industrial, commercial, agricultural and residential applications – as either permanent or portable structures, the buildings are easily dismantled and relocated if required.

Pioneer’s 100% clear span, truss-less design construction provides the largest amount of open space possible. Pioneer Buildings are remarkably affordable and uniquely designed. These buildings require less labor to construct - translating into better value.

Pioneer Steel also offers a wide variety of accessories available for every model of steel building. From ventilators and skylights, to a wide selection of doors that make access to your Pioneer building simple. Additionally, the conveniences of pre-drilled base plates, self-adhesive caulking strips and our easy-to-install insulation pins - all make building with Pioneer durable, economical and incredibly easy.

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Our Production Facility

Pioneer Steel's large state-of-the-art production facility, technological innovations and superior engineering show through in Pioneer’s ability to be the only manufacturer in our industry to offer both ‘opposite’ and ‘staggered’ panel crimp designs’, double bolt panel lap connections, both flat and fully crimped end to end panel connections, and both 18 and 24 inch wide roof and side wall panels. All backed by over 30 years experience and expertise.

We can manufacture and have most buildings ready for shipment within 2-3 weeks from when you place your order with us. Construction is easy. With our pre-drilled, simple foundation system, and easy-to-assemble panels, you could complete construction in a matter of a few days.

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Our Performance

The Pioneer building is affordable, environmentally-friendly, easy to install, maintenance-free, and above all - long lasting.

Made from super-tough Galvalume Plus™ steel, Pioneer Steel buildings are rugged and durable. They are accurate, straight (there's no bending, no shifting, no breakage or denting), completely non-porous, and clean.

Pioneer Steel Manufacturers Limited is proud to adhere to industry standards of excellence and quality assurance:

  • All buildings are designed in accordance with the governing building code to withstand the published wind, snow and seismic conditions.
  • All buildings are certified under CSA-A660 Quality Certification for Steel Building Systems.
  • Welding Bureau certified to CSA Standard 47.1 for fusion welding of steel.

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Pioneer Steel buildings are sold worldwide through a professional network of distributors,
and our in-house engineers are available by phone at 1-800-668-5422
to provide additional application and technical assistance.